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IN MOST CASES, we are able to get an itemized quote together of technical event management services for your budget within a few days.


RedLine Event Services specializes in the coordination of all technical production aspects of a live event. We consult with our clients from the earliest stages of planning to insure that the systems and staff we provide are in line with the design, schedule and budget of your show.


The success of any event is determined by the planning and critical thinking that happens on the front end. We always work with our clients to schedule site inspections and meetings with venue managers to address critical venue specifics related to power, rigging, logistics, labor jurisdictions and protocols.

We ask the right questions as well as the questions that no one else thought to ask. Understanding your event as a whole allows us to provide the highest level of technical production services with a focus on the elements that are most important to you.

Production Schedule

A detailed production schedule is necessary for any successful event. As part of our technical event management services, we will provide a detailed production schedule. This schedule will include:

  • Load In
  • Set Up
  • Technical Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal
  • Sound Check
  • Performance
  • Show Flow
  • Strike
  • Load Out

In many situations an event planner or client will create their own event schedule. In this case we will supply all of the time requirements for the technical production and work together to incorporate all aspects of the event into a comprehensive schedule.

Event Budget

An event’s budget can determine its scale, location, entertainment, décor, catering, etc. We understand that to bring all of these aspects together while keeping to a budget can be difficult. RedLine will always provide accurate quotes and contracts in a timely manner so you can keep moving forward with your event planning.

Your budget, however, will not determine the level of service you receive from RedLine. RedLine has been involved in events with budgets for technical event management ranging in the hundreds to tens of thousands. We pride ourselves on delivering the same level of service to all of our clients regardless of budget.

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